Meet Dishon

Dishon was born in the Bronx to two working-class parents. His father born in Jamaica–growing up with with a big family in the St. Elizabeth Parish. He immigrated to America alone, where he met Dishon’s mother. Soon after they met they were married and having their first child, Dishon. His mother was born in the Bronx  the youngest of 5. His Father served in the joint armed forces in Jamaica, when he migrated he worked as a firefighter for NYC, soon after he was working on the roads for the city. His mother at the time was able to go back to school and earn a degree as a nurse practitioner–still working in the pediatrics to this day. They went on to have 3 more children and moved to Stratford, CT so that their children can have better schooling, economic opportunity and health outcomes.

From an early age Dishon understood the unique experience of barely makings ends meet to strive for more. His parents believed in the value of being self-sufficient so he went Bullard-Havens Technical High School. Here he was able to study in traditional academics but also learn a trade–Carpentry. Dishon had exceptionally high SAT scores for his class which rewarded him a scholarship to take a college course as a Junior. The course he chose to take was comparative politics. This had a major impact on life, he remembers his Professor to this day, who at the end of class remarked, your going to make a real difference in this community one day. Due to financial struggles at home, Dishon started working after high school at 17. A year later he enrolled in Housatonic Community College where he received multiple scholarships. He was able to earn his associates degree in a 1 1/2 taking up to 6 courses during the semester along with summer and winter courses, while working full time.

Dishon was awarded scholarships to Fairfield University, Quinnipiac and UCONN to study political science. However, against the wishes of his family he chose to avoid the typical political science, law school route–he wanted real life work experience. At age 20 he moved to Bridgeport, where was extremely successful selling vacation packages. At this time he volunteered for State Senator Marilyn Moore and assisted in her re-election. At this time he met the one of many mentors, who saw immense potential in his business aptitude. Looking to develop at a higher level, he decided to work at a Franchise 500 company which he quickly rose through the ranks through his ability to lead and handle major accounts.

Why Mayor?


Long story? Dishon decided that Bridgeport could do better, Bridgeport can be better, and Bridgeport deserved better. He knew that in order for us to change the political and socio-economic climate, an outsider had to step in. After years and years of corrupt politicians and backroom deals, Bridgeport desperately wanted change but had no one to look to.

We began this campaign with the mission of uniting the city, with a new vision for Bridgeport. Dishon launched an 11-point plan to strategically advance the City of Bridgeport.  Starting with local economic growth, youth development, improved public safety, and city finance stabilization to start. He knew if there is any community that can show what can be accomplished when everyday people come together to restore prosperity and revitalize a city, it is Bridgeport.