11-Point Plan

Update 311

Report all problems

Increase responsiveness hold departments accountable

Pay water and municipal bills, register for a place in the public school system and ask for parking permits


Universal pre-school

Full time kindergarten

After school programs for education and extracircular activities 

Tackling bullying epidemic


What’s next

Public Safety

Fully staff the police department

Invest in smart technology to save lives and resources

Economic Development

Build with economic sectors and clusters – health care, aerospace, transportation and logistics

Fully utilize local endownments

Sikorsky commercialization and Port destination

Reduce poverty and MSME development

Partnership with local stakeholders targeted development areas – mobilization of civic and business leaders networking

Compact development

Community development loan funds

Public Private Collaboration

Use that time that teens, the previously incarcerated, seniors, college students to work in small local businesses, community cleanup and gardening.

Urban wealth fund

Create user facilities, R&D programs and technology transfer programs

Increase ownership and equity

Land Bank

40,000 in no interest loans to teachers and public safety official who buy homes in Bridgeport

Minority investment grant in targeted areas – for residents of Bridgeport


Greenhouse community farming

Banners on street lights

Newly design parks 

Creating community hotspots

Creative Place making

Increase Transparency

Board of Finance

Bidding for all city contracts

Track every dollar

Vetted hiring process

High Value Tax Proposition

Office Civic of Innovation

Smart City – Green City

Live feed of all public meetings

East of transportation smart app for public transit, parking, bike-sharing, car-sharing, ferry – city mapper

Reduce abandoned properties

Land value tax

Bridgeport recovery project

Rain gardens and pocket parks


Veteran Housing – revolving affordable and veteran housing fund

Rental assistance for formerly incarcerated college students

Reentry facility

Senior Housing

Affordable housing in downtown to ease cost of transportation, micro housing 





Mayor 2019